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Welcome to the unique world of Glynis Rose.

Artist, therapist & teacher

Searching for deeper meaning?

Want to unlock the creativity within?

Would you like to feel ‘Relaxed and Rosy’?

I offer therapies and courses that will help you maximise your own health,

well-being and happiness, including:

✴ Yoga

✴ Ayurvedic massage

✴ Vedic Art

Through my courses I offer you the unique opportunity to engage with your

own source of creativity and healing. Here are just some of the benefits:

✴ You’ll gain an overall sense of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

health and wellbeing.

✴ You’ll feel more confident about yourself and your capabilities.

✴ You’ll feel happier and more content in the present moment.

✴ You’ll learn to be more loving and kind to yourself.